These are special times for everyone, with varying inconveniences and unprecedented changes. Calling attention to a problem is now a daily occurrence. Still, the team and the board of the HISK felt that we should not sit idly by. An artist has to make art and that is exactly what we asked the 22 artists who are now studying at the HISK to do. This has resulted in 22 silk screen prints that are sold in a limited edition. The proceeds will go to the artists, since they are having a very difficult time these days. Student jobs have virtually evaporated. This is obviously not the only reason why we initiated this initiative. Artists have a social function. They are the finger on the pulse in times of crises in society. They signal things we don't notice. In this way, we also contribute to the social relevance of the HISK. Corona or no corona, this is the first edition of what is intended to become a tradition: the HISK collection.

Willem Elias, Chairman

22 contributions by 22 artists

Dries Boutsen - Nelleke Cloosterman - Katya Ev - Hanane El Farissi - Helen Anna Flanagan - Dani Gherca - Aziz Hazara - Olivia Hernaïz - Che-Yu Hsu - Nikolay Karabinovych - Karel Koplimets - Diego Lama - Nokukhanya Langa - Gaëlle Leenhardt - Sandrine Morgante - Hadassa Ngamba - Štefan Papčo - Elisa Pinto - Paulius Šliaupa - Oussama Tabti - Luca Vanello - Shirley Villavicencio Pizango

The HISK commissioned the artists to produce a silk screen edition of 30. They are available now for purchase in sets of 4 or 5 prints. And as a complete set containing the 22 contributions of all the artists.